We’re both skilled in writing ‘to order’ and meeting commission requirements

  •  As Brechtian-style practitioners, we’re at our most comfortable when working close up to audiences in intimate spaces
  • Our technical requirements are as minimal as its possible to be
  • We’ll work in any space and love creating a theatre space out of non-theatre venues
  • We’ll customise events to meet the needs of a target audience and design interactive workshops as part of a ‘package’
  • We’re experienced facilitators of Q & A and forum post-performance discussions
  • We work with all ages in any environment, including prisons and Young Offenders’ centres
  • We travel anywhere in the UK-and beyond if travel costs can be met
  • We’re extremely good value! We keep our costs low and are always open to negotiation

Theatre work past and present:

Collaborative projects with Fizzog Productions

Lynn and Dave have a long-standing association with Fizzog as they originally trained the company’s actors in Community Theatre techniques. Since then, Dave has both written for Fizzog and performed with them over a number of years.

Lynn has researched and written extensively for Fizzog, meeting a wide range of professional issue-based briefs. This work has been used for corporate training events, conferences and in schools.

Mary Macarthur with Fizzog at Black Country Museum of  Living history

Lynn as Mary Macarthur at the Black Country Living Museum, along with Dave and Fizzog Theatre

Other collaborations include:

Freefall with DMCreate (Ellie Darvill) for Birmingham Metropolitan College

Mary Macarthur speech writing, re-creation and performance with Black Country Museum of Living History and West Midlands TUC

Drama workshops with Scope

Over The Top with West Midlands Quaker Peace Committee

Red Flag over Bermondsey (Ada Salter’s story) with West Midlands WW1 Committee