Rock and a Hard Place

Coming soon……..

Rock and A Hard Place

Commissioned by Gloucestershire Quakers

This play explores the prevalence of domestic abuse in our society, its impact upon lives and the struggles faced by the women’s refuges in order to survive in today’s climate of government cuts.

We see domestic coercion at work, the potentially tragic consequences for women and children if we ignore this issue and just how costly neglect of domestic abuse is to our society.

Rock and A Hard Place raises questions about choices that men and women make and exposes just how widespread domestic abuse in all of its forms, is in our communities, workplaces and faith bases.

This show is due to be launched in late January 2019 and will then be available for booking.




And The Beat Goes On…….

Commissioned by John and Diana Lampen

A performance both marking and celebrating nonviolent action and peace protest over three hundred years. 

Featuring stories and accounts from the first Quaker abolitionists, Alice Paul’s Silent Sentinels, through to Trident Ploughshares and nonviolent action being taken by the young peace activists of today, the show combines text, a dynamic soundtrack and physical theatre.

And the Beat Goes On…. is in its planning, research and writing stages and should be ready for booking from late Spring 2018. Watch this space !