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The Bundle

Commissioned by QARN- Quakers Asylum Seekers and Refugee Network

The real life story of a Chechen woman who flees the persecution and violence of her society and immediate family to save both herself and her children. Here in the UK, she continues to negotiate the  complex and harsh thickets of bureaucracy in order to attain refugee status.

In the ‘hostile environment’ intentionally created by the Home Office under Teresa May, the play seeks to explore the life and culture that ‘Adilah’ and her young family have left behind and the challenges that face them in 2017 UK.

The title of the piece is taken from the name given to the Home Office file which is so vital to every asylum seeker as it contains both their life stories and the evidence of their claims. Journeymen theatre have worked closely with the family themselves and with professionals who also work in the area of Asylum and Refugee issues in order to develop The Bundle.

The Bundle is available for booking from the end of February 2017.