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"Wow that was brilliant" "I learnt such  a lot" "Great play: what an impact!" These were some of the comments from the capacity (socially distanced) audience leaving St Margaret's Hall on Friday 25th June after the Quaker company Journeymen Theatre's performance of Back Door Parole. Local Amnesty and Quaker groups had collaborated to bring this play

to Bradford on Avon. The extensive research by Lynn and Dave Morris created a hugely successful story that was true to life about the frustrations of an older prisoner doing 'Time' and the concerns of a new Quaker chaplain. It was, like the other plays they perform, lively, stimulating and moving. We heard of indefinite sentences, the lack of creative or recreational courses, the sudden transfer of people to distant prisons away from their families and the limited training of staff.


The actors take no profit at all but aim to spread awareness of conditions and donate money raised to RECOOP - the only charity which provides and supports older offenders both in prison and after release.


If you haven't had a chance to see Journeymen Theatre make sure you don't miss the next play!

Back Door Parole
Review for the Wiltshire Times 25th June 2021



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