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Breeding Grounds

Stewart and Ingrid have been together a long time but the fault lines in their relationship are getting ever more fragile.

Ingrid sees life through the focus of her work as an agency carer and climate change activist, whilst Stewart is a back bench MP. His perspectives are based on political pragmatism, hers on a sense of urgency and the belief that change must begin with each individual.

Breeding Grounds explores the human response to sustainability, world population and the moral dilemmas that are now facing each and every one of us in our daily lives. And to which we have to find our own accommodating solutions in the face of what seems to many to be a state of political inertia.

Journeymen Theatre are a West Midlands-based Human Rights theatre company. We tour extensively throughout the UK and are supported by Stourbridge Quakers and associated Quaker organisations.


This project has been
commissioned by QCOP
(Quaker Concern Over Population)


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