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Ron is an elderly lifer and Kathy is new to prison chaplaincy.  It’s a strange bond they develop but important to both of them. Through the prism of life inside, Kathy is forced to go on a journey of discovery and Ron is her guide.

Back Door Parole explores the hidden plight of the elderly and infirm inside UK’s jails and asks some big questions about how the system is coping with this ever increasing problem. As Ron is fond of saying ‘There is no system. That is the system.’

Back Door Parole is a prison term for those inmates who will never be released from incarceration. Their only way out will be death.


Our Current Productions

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Based closely on the story of a real woman and her three young children, The Bundle follows Adilah’s domestic persecution and denial of human rights in Chechnya. 

Removed from her Russian homeland by her Chechen father, abducted into a forced marriage and then subjected to a life of servitude, she takes the ultimate risk in plotting her escape to the UK.


Here she finds a home but also encounters the Home Office’s ‘hostile environment’ with regard to asylum seekers and refugees.


The play moves from the tradition of the folk story to that of biting satire as it charts Adilah’s bid for freedom, safety and hope.