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Hooton JPEG_edited.jpg

Written by David Morris

This essay concentrates on the nature and experience of early Quakers, the hardships they endured but also the nature of their faith and its particular location in a 17th century world of torment and warfare. The study aims to place early Quakers in their perception of the Jesus Christianity of the 1st century AD, and concludes with a brief examination of the the Quaker experience post-Fox and Hooton and looks toward a possible future for Quaker witness and action.


Elizabeth Hooton:
A Mindful Consideration
Palestine JPEG.jpg
Snapshots of Palestine

Written by David Morris

A small collection of mainly short observational poems,  written over a period of twelve years and ten visits to the West Bank. Together, they create a mini chronicle of the destructive and malignant impact of Israel's Occupation upon ordinary Palestinians.
Crow JPEG.jpg
Crow Libation

Written by David Morris

A series of short poems about jigsaws, the myth of jigsaws and the myth of reality, especially the reality of life in Palestine.

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