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Lover of Soles -  reviews

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Marie Noon is moved by a one woman show


‘The love that I bear to the souls of all men


makes me willing to undergo whatsoever can be inflicted’


-Elizabeth Hooton


‘Elizabeth Hooton’s words came to life for me on 21st June in Rugby Meeting House. Lynn Morris’s one woman show, Lover of Souls, opened with her marching into the room to inform us of an injustice that had been committed against her  on the way home to Skegby. From that point on the audience was riveted by the passion of this woman. Closely based on Elizabeth’s own writings, and those of her contemporaries, Lynn brought Elizabeth to life brilliantly…………


The audience found the play ‘powerful’, ‘challenging’ and ‘engrossing’, with Friends feeling as if they had been ‘transported to a harder time’ and that ‘Elizabeth Hooton should be better known’. Lynn’s presence was so powerful. She breathed life into Elizabeth, making her a warm and lively woman as well as the first female Quaker preacher and one of the Valiant Sixty. Lynn’s Elizabeth was loud, driven and lit from within. she embodied early Quakerism for me……’


Published in the Friend 26th July 2013

Other reviews include:


‘Lynn kept her audience on the edge of their seats with her passionate portrayal of this intense, heroic, humorous and dedicated Friend, reminding us that we owe the existence of our Society today to the extraordinary conviction and courage of its founders and courage of its founders in the most desperate conditions….’


John Lampen


Review from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013


‘Lover of Souls was the best performance we saw at the Fringe’

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