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A bit more information

Copies of the full scripts are all included in the book. We haven’t, however, included details of the music tracks we used. Blending music with the action in our plays was a big part of our house style. Choosing the right pieces was a lovely part of process, especially ferreting out unusual or unexpected tracks to signal scene changes, passing of time, mood changes. Our audiences rarely commented on our play tracks unless they worked in the theatre industry themselves but the sound was vital to us.


People wishing to use our play scripts have the freedom to shape them with whatever sounds they choose. This also goes for staging the plays. Using creativity is an important freedom and too much control will only serve to deaden the impulse.


Our plays remain our intellectual property but we are more than happy for people to use them for their own purposes, for example as play readings to stimulate discussion on issues, to be performed in part or wholly for festivals etc. What we do request is that if one of our plays is publicaly performed  a donation is then given to an appropriate charity or organisation.


The proceeds of each sale of this book will go to one of our own designated charities and concerns.


There follows a list of the plays (click)


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